Thursday, October 6, 2011

Caviar taste on a tuna fish budget...

I have become a HUGE fan of Kelly's Korner Blog. If you love to read family blogs, you'll love her.  She seems so sweet and real.

Anyway, every Friday she does a "Show Us Your Life" linky party to help other bloggers connect!  Every Friday she has a different topic.

This past Friday she had a SUYL party about where we shop for our kids.  

I love dressing my Jude in polos, plaid shorts, sweaters, khakis, jon jons, and longalls.  Usually a casual outfit is easy to put together on a budget, and Jude grows very slowly so I know if I spend a little extra on a sweet outfit that he will get plenty of wear out of it.  I wish he was still little and I could get away with the boutique clothing a little more.
On the other hand, I haven't got to buy much for Aubrey Lane.  I have been so blessed with so many sweet outfits for her, but she's about to grow out of most of those outfits.  And so I'm so excited about getting some girly things!  

Here's my problem:

I have caviar taste on a tuna fish budget. 

I love all those smocked and applique boutique outfits.  I love cardigans and dresses and rompers and bows and tights and bloomers and bracelets and... well you get the picture.  All those things are so sweet, but so so PRICEY!  Not really in everyday budget for a stay at home mom. 

So here was my solution...
I got my monogramming machine.  I can monogram most of my kids clothes myself- I still need Stacy's (Once N Again my local monogramming haven) help.  And I can also do appliques with my machine.  I can save on plain longalls and dresses by monogramming or appliqueing them myself.  It can costs anywhere from $5-$25 dollars for a monogram or applique so I feel like my machine will pay for itself in the long run.  And since I have a basic knowledge of sewing, I can make Jude and Aubrey Lane some cute cute clothes.

These are just a few of the cute things I've monogrammed, appliquéd, or actually made for my sweet babies.

Oh and I made Jude's outfit to wear to the hospital to meet his little sister!

But I can't make everything and I can't smock.  (Well I'm sure I could learn but I'm not sure I want to invest in a pleater- moving on) So I need to find an affordable way to dress my kiddos in beautiful boutique outfits.  

I love shopping ebay and consignment.  Etsy is also a great place to shop for beautiful handmade outfits.  But, I only buy items from Etsy that I can't make myself.  

And I love Kelly's Kids clothes.  And Kelly's Kids have warehouse outlet sales in Natchez a few times a year so I'll be heading up there soon.

And lately I have been turned onto the Facebook auctions where you can get smocked goodies for cheap.  A few of the Facebook stores I have found that I like are

Smocked Auctions 

Curls and Twirls


I think I might have actually won my first auction tonight at Smocked Auctions.  Keeping my fingers crossed..

and I can't wait to buy some goodies from a high school friend at
Doodlebug Boutique

and another friend also has cute Facebook boutique
Simply 2 Exquisite

But like you all know, I am new at this dressing-a-girl thing so I need lots of tips and tricks.  

Like... can a bow ever be too big?  and if you put your little girl in a dress in tights, do you still need to put bloomers over the tights?  

Of course I love for Jude and Aubrey Lane to match and I've found that solid color polos and button ups are the easiest for Jude to match Aubrey's outfits when matching outfits aren't already available.  So where is the best place to find those polos and button ups?  Or do you have any other tips on matching an older brother to a little sister?

And I'd love to know how you manage dressing your sweet baby on a budget?  Where do you find good deals and steals?


  1. I love boutique clothing and monograming. If I could afford it Tater Man would wear nothing but!

  2. I need to buy a monogramming machine. Which one do you have?


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