Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Sprinkled" with Blessings

Now that things have slowed down around here for five minutes, I have time to put up a few pictures from my Baby Sprinkle.  

Plus, I have Sweet Pea updates at the bottom of the post!

This was Sweet Pea's beautiful diaper cake

made by my beautiful friend, Sarah!

These were my sweet hostesses with the "Thank you" bags I gave them!

By opening their home, sending adorable invitations, making a precious corsage, filling the table with delicious food and the best punch ever, these ladies are absolutely the bestest ever!  I was so touched by all the blessings and love that was "sprinkled" -poured would be a better verb- on Sweet Pea and me!

Now for the Sweet Pea news...  Yesterday I went back to the specialists at Maternal Fetal Medicine. They did another ultrasound and the baby looked fantastic.  They didn't measure the baby yesterday, but said that they would do that next week.

If most of you remember, the doctor last week did not want me to carry the baby past 39 weeks, and that the baby could possibly delivered this week.  This news caused some disappointment on my part because it would limit my time on attempting labor and put me delivering when my doctor was out of town.  However, as the week went on, my disappointment gave way to excitement and anticipation of the arrival of my Sweet Pea!  

Then yesterday, I saw a different specialist with a different prognosis.  This doctor felt that my scheduled cesarean section date, July 19th, was fine as long as the baby still looked good at my next visit.  (He explained that if the baby was distressed, they would take it that day which is a given.)  I was very happy that my doctor would be able to deliver our baby, but not quite sure what to do with the two more weeks we were given to wait after being prepared to have a baby this week.  The exciting part is the baby is doing so well.  The doctor said that their was really no cause for me remaining a patient, but they would see me one more time until I deliver.

Then, I saw my doctor and shared the news from MFM with her.  She seemed just as elated as I was that she was going to be a part of the delivery.  We went over my birth plan one final time (since she will be out next week) and talked about what to do if I go into labor before that time.  However, examination, once again, showed no dilation or progress towards labor.  I even had two contractions during my examination that the doctor noticed.  Once again, she was encouraging and told me that a lot could happen in two weeks especially since I am contracting.  I did feel encouraged by her words, but I am beginning to mentally prepare myself for a section.

I told Lane that the reason this process is taking so long is because I am too prepared.  For those of you who know me, I am rarely prepared for anything and always late for everything.  For the past week, I have been breaking my back to get prepared for baby.  We have rearranged furniture, cleaned every inch of the house, shampooed carpets, polished floors, washed baby clothes, sterilized feeding supplies, and packed bags for the hospital.  I told Lane, I was unpacking the bags and just waiting for the 19th or the "moment" whichever comes first.  

Meanwhile, everything is done so I have two weeks to enjoy with my favorite boys and relax.  So that's just what I intend to do!

Happy Thursday,

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  1. I love that verse on the cross that is in the diaper cake.

    Want to know something funny, I have the same lighting fixture in my dining room that is in the second photo. It was a birthday gift from my husband last year!

    I am so excited about all of the good news Angel. As always I am praying for you!!

    Much love and God bless.


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