Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Baby Yet...

Well... I am officially full term; 37 weeks and 6 days! This is the most pregnant I have ever been because my sweet Jude came at 37 weeks exactly!

I was really hoping to go into labor yesterday ;-)  I knew my doctor was on call yesterday.  But Sweet Pea has decided to stay a little longer.  I'm trying not to get discouraged and keep positive.  I still have until Sunday to have my doctor deliver this baby...

Unfortunately, I don't have any idea at this point when my Sweet Pea will be arriving.  I will see my doctors again tomorrow and will get answers then on when and how the baby will be arriving.  

Even though I don't have any answers now, I'm still very excited and anxious that it could be as soon as tomorrow.  

Since tomorrow could be the day, I am going to get a pedicure today and relax a little from the busy weekend we had--> Our Jude dude was very sick all weekend, and we spent a lot of time getting ready for the baby.

Well that's really it for now.. since I don't really have any news to share.  I'll have my bags packed with me tomorrow just in case, and I'll try to update when I can.  Still keeping my fingers crossed to go into labor on my own.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  I am going to try to post some cute pics later of what's been going on around the house the past week.  

Lots of hugs,

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