Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Redhead's Summer

With all the excitement of Aubrey Lane's much anticipated arrival, I haven't posted many pictures of Jude this summer.

Well, just so you know, Jude has had, up until this point, a very fun filled summer.  We wanted to make sure that we got some good quality time in with him before life changed for everyone.  

We've gone to the zoo, the movies, the pool, the beach, the playground (well until it got too hot- living in Louisiana means that outdoor summer activities must involve water), and so on... We even drove about 30 minutes to watch 20 minutes worth of fireworks ;-)

Jude's favorite activities have, of course, been those involving water.  Mostly the pool at his cousins' Cade and Katie's house.

Jude also got to participate in Vacation Bible School for the first time at our church this year! (while I taught nine months preggo) He had his very own shadow that helped him everywhere during the day.  He had a blast!

Although summer hasn't quite drawn to a close just yet, our activities for the next month will be somewhat limited due to my healing from delivery.  (Which is going well by the way, just a little sore and completely restricted from lifting Jude for any reason other than to save his life)  And soon Jude will start school back at LSU!  It's going to be quite a busy time for all of us, but I'm sure we are going to adjust and manage just fine!

Speaking of adjusting... Jude has not missed a beat with our newest addition.  He has been very sweet and hasn't acted out or shown any jealousy at all.  I know he doesn't fully understand who Aubrey Lane is or why she is here, but I know he's going to love her very much!  

Oh.. and I have all the birth photos from our AWESOME photographer.  Some of the photos are obviously a little too... ummm... intimate to share, but all of them are precious so I'll be sharing some more of them when I find some free time.  However, I don't know how soon that will be since I spend most of my free time catching up on my sleep!

Well, I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  We are going to get out of the house today so I'm super excited!  So I need to go get a couple kiddos ready.  ;-)

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