Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Appliqué Crazy

Yesterday, while Jude was sleeping and I had read everything I brought with me to the hospital, I decided to browse through some applique websites.  I found quite a few precious patterns to add to my growing collection of cuteness!

So today, being as excited as I am about them, I decided to display my collection (so far) in case anyone is interested in a top or burp cloth for any holiday or special occasion coming up!  And yes I have already downloaded some for the fall and winter- with a new baby on the way, it's never too early to start on the cute holiday wardrobe ;-)

Appliqué Fonts

Appliqué Patterns

I just can't wait to see Jude and Sweet Pea wearing some of these!  Or, if Sweet Pea is a boy, to see Jude and Sweet Pea in some matching outfits!  I already have plans for matching seersucker Jon Jons with the baseball glove appliquéd on the front of them!!  (Even if Sweet Pea is a girl, I'm sure that she and Jude will be wearing some coordinating outfits ;-)

Let me know if you see anything you like!  I'll be posting these on The Mustard Seed Boutique's Facebook page later on today!

**If you are or will be interested in any LSU or any other team themed appliqués for the upcoming football season, let me know soon because I don't know how much free time I'll have once the baby gets here at the end of July.  I might not be able to make anything the entire month of August!  Right now, I only have a few sports themed appliqués, but I will be adding more if there is enough interest!  


  1. So cute. Love the circle cars and initial :)))

  2. I LOVE these appliques. back in august I purchased a basic embroidery machine from a friend and have had a blast figuring out how to use it. sooo now that i know someone who can do the big time appliques I will be enlisting your services!!! btw, what kind of machine do you have?? are these designs you download and do they sync with the machine??

    My machine is a brother from 2005. With mine I have to buy cartridges and it is quite cumbersome. would love to "upgrade"some day but as of late it has been way to hard to get into an embroidery store with a 2 yr old.


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