Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!!!

**I apologize in advance for this post and these pictures. They were taken with my phone and I'm blogging from my phone- so warning: they are all out of order.**

I just love Independence Day!

Really, I love any holiday. And I love holiday traditions. And this holiday does not disappoint.

We kicked off this Sunday with our church's 3rd Annual Freedom Sunday. We had Russ Taff come and sing for us and with us (Lane and I both sing- I mean make a joyful noise- in the choir) I just love Freedom Sunday and all the fellowship it provides. But I have a secret to tell you... I had no idea who Russ Taff was until Sunday! 😳 In fact until a few years ago, I had no idea all that the word "Gaither" entailed. And another confession. This might be sin to say and I just might get kicked out of the Southern Baptist Convention, or whatever we are now, but I'm not a huge fan of Gaither music, BUT I really enjoyed hearing Russ Taff!

That afternoon we headed to the church wide picnic. It was on a lake and they had all kind of super fun activities going on. However, Aubrey Lane started running a 104 FEVER so we rushed her to After Hours. (she's much better now though)

Then today, on the Fourth, Lane had to work, so we missed out on the traditional family gathering, but we did get to participate in what's become a new tradition in the past five years. We joined our best friends, Darren and Nicolette and their daughter, down in Plaquemine for the local festivities and fireworks. The kids just loved the music and fireworks. It was fun as always.

Today, I got caught in a little moment realizing all the luxuries we are freely given. Because someone gave their life to preserve my freedom, I can buy whatever I want, read whatever I want, go wherever I want, and live the way I choose.

America, Land of the Free, Because of the Brave!!

But it isn't just soldiers that have died for my freedom. True freedom is not found in the country you live in, but in Christ. That's why this country is free. It was founded on Christian principles, and it stands for the freedom we have in Jesus.

One Nation Under God!

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  1. Oh no! Hope she is feeling much better. I love their outfits! I wish I could get my embroidery machine figure out :/ looks like fun was had by all!


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