Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eleven Months

It is so bittersweet to say... 

Aubrey Lane, you are eleven months old!

It is so bittersweet to say because this is your last official month as a baby.  In a few weeks we will celebrate your first birthday and it will make you a TODDLER!!  

I could cry saying that.

You have a couple of new things this month.  The first is that you have started pointing to things you see that you like or things that you want.  This is so exciting for us to watch.

You have also become a very, very... VERY busy little girl.  You are constantly on the go and never stop moving.  Changing your diaper is still a nightmare because you can't stand to lay down and you fight me the whole time.  And you are into everything.  

You are cruising around furniture very good, but not really interested in walking that much.  You are a climber.  I've caught you climbing on top of a riding toy to get to something.  You scare the daylights out of me.  I can't turn my eye one second from you.  If I do, I catch you doing a big NO NO like playing in a toilet or eating soap.

Speaking of eating, you have really gotten the hang of it.  You are mainly on table food.  You love spaghetti, peas and carrots, shepherd's pie, and vegetable soup.  You have learned to drink from a straw and that has made life so much easier.  You are still nursing 4-5 times a day as well.  I'm very proud of how longs that's lasted for the both of us.

You are still about the same size as you were last month- wearing clothes from 9-18 months depending of the brand.   And your foot is still tiny.

Your sleeping patterns have gotten better.  You are back to sleeping through the night.  You have the funniest little sleeping position.  I put you in your crib, and you immediately get on your stomach and tuck your knees under you.  It's so cute.  You are only taking one good 2 hour nap a day now.

Of course you are still a pretty and happy baby. Although you are teething right now and that's kinda making you miserable at times.

I have started making the arrangements for your FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!  I'm so excited.  It's a Pink Lemonade theme and your daddy and paw paw actually made you a miniature lemonade stand.  I'll share all about that later.  

That's really it kiddo.  I'm gonna get off the computer and enjoy what little time I have left with you as a baby. 

I love you,


  1. That is going to be an adorable party! Can't wait to see pics. Hobby Lobby had alot of spring-y/outdoor stuff for 66% off you may be able to use! I saw it today.

  2. She is such a cutie! Don't turn 1's just too fast!!!


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