Thursday, May 24, 2012

Catching Some ZZZZ's

Remember a while back when Jude had a sleep study, and things went every way but right?

That was a really hectic time for us.  

Some really good things came out of all of it, though.  First Jude got to come off the oxygen at night because even though his apnea had gotten significantly worse, he was not desaturating (dropping his oxygen levels) too bad at night.  And a low flow O2 cannula wouldn't do much good for apnea.

The second good thing was Jude's tonsillectomy.  We were so afraid of the surgery, but it turned out to be very easy.  And now Jude sleeps and breathes so much quieter.  

So now that we have taken a moderately aggressive attack on the apnea, it is time to repeat the sleep study to find out if our actions were affective enough.

Tonight, Jude will have another study so I'm just praying that he has improved.  

Other than that, everything is going good. School is out and summer is here.  Aubrey Lane is already 10 months old and crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything; and I will be doing her 10 month post soon- I promise.  I've been getting them outside to play some which is kinda tough.  Especially since Jude hates being in the grass (Aubrey Lane LOVES it)

Well, I have to be running.  I can't much with the kids on the move.  And since Jude can't nap today, he's super cranky and not too tolerable of mommy blogging.  

Please just say a little prayer that all goes well with Jude's sleep study, and I'll post about the results when I get them in a month or so.

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  1. Lexi had a sleep study done and it was awful or all of us. Praying it is easy and beings great results. You are such a good mama!


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