Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catching up

As I'm writing this blog post, it does occur to me that I would not have to play "catch up" all the time on this blog if I would make a little bit better effort at keeping it up.  BUT... that's kinda hard to do when you've had a week like I did.  

We started the week with me and my redhead having fever and a runny nose.  I got better after a couple days, but it progressed into an upset stomach for Jude.  So I had one snotty, puking, miserable little boy to tend to last week.  It was a miserable week for everybody.  

Saturday rolled around and Jude got up and seemed to be better, but by noon, he was back to being miserable for the rest of the day.  So we counted church out and decided to let the family sleep in and rest Sunday morning.  Wouldn't you know, Jude got up in the best of moods.

So we took them for a wagon ride.  (I had been giving them wagon rides regularly during the week because I read somewhere that sunlight was good for bronchial congestion)

Aren't the soooo cute in their sunglasses?

Monday got here, and I decided that Jude was ready to go back to school.  Then I got a call from the school to come get him :-(  so we cancelled today's activities too.  Hopefully, he will be well enough to back to school tomorrow.

The good news is that Aubrey Lane stayed well through all of it.  

Hopefully, today will be a turning point for Jude and our family.  And you'll start to see fun stuff on the blog, not just health updates.

Hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous day we are having,


  1. xxoo much love to your littles

    sending get well wishes your way

  2. Poor Jude...hope he is feeling better, I'm sure this crazy weather isn't helping anything. Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold, Rainy, Hot. Ha! So cute in their sunglasses...can't wait for summer to get here!!

  3. Praying for your little boy, hope he feels better soon. They are too cute!! God bless you all!!


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