Monday, December 12, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas-Day 1

I have decided to do a twelve day blog series for Christmas.  Traditionally, the twelve days of Christmas start on Christmas day.  While I just love tradition, in modern days Christmas season ends with the passing of Christmas day.  So I'm starting now and will finish up the day before Christmas Eve.  Isn't that funny- that we have completely swapped the celebration times of the Christmas season.  

Anyway, everyday will have a different Christmas topic: sentimental Christmas memories, a Christmas recipe, a craft, or maybe an inspirational message God put on my heart.  I don't have a schedule- I'm just going to wing it! So here we go.

Favorite Christmas Memory
a sentimental post

As a child, I'm sure I had plenty of happy Christmas times.  However, all of that has dimmed greatly in the presence of an event that would change my life forever; the birth of my first child and my first Christmas as a mommy.

Jude's arrival in mid October of 2007 changed our lives completely.  The birth of any child changes lives, but the birth of a special needs baby goes beyond that.  Life is harder, but moments are sweeter.  

It's very hard to describe but I'll try.  

You see, when you face the tough reality that God has chosen a much different path than you had planned for yourself, a path that seems much more difficult, you have to surrender and truly put your joy in the Lord.  You can't just pretend to have your joy in the Lord when things are going good.  It has to REALLY be there.

When this happens- really happens, memories are made differently.  At least they are in my experiences.  

During the moment a memory is in the making, you have to stop and push all the negative to the back and highlight the sweet moments.  In this process, the ordinary moments become extraordinary and everyday events become precious memories. For example, instead of enjoying certain moments of an occasion, you are thrilled that the occasion occurred at all.

All this leads me up to my favorite Christmas memory.

The day we brought Jude home from the NICU the first time.  He was almost eight weeks old.  And in the world's standards, it wouldn't have been that great of a homecoming.  He came home with a feeding tube, scars fresh from surgery, and a daily visit from a home health nurse.  

But MAN, were we so excited to finally bring our baby boy home!!

To bring him into any room we wanted without the hassle of tubes and wires.  To be able to bring him places with us like church or his grandparents home.  To be able to hold him whenever we wanted without the permission of a nurse or doctor. It was so exciting!

On our way home from the hospital, we decided to get our very first Christmas tree as a family. We stopped at Home Depot and picked out a pretty little tree.  Then we came home and put nothing but white lights on it.  Then we sat Jude in his boppy in front of the tree and he was just amazed by all the lights.  It was wonderful.

There was nothing exciting about the day, nothing fancy about the tree, but it is one of my favorite Christmas memories.

Christmas 2007
This is not a photo from that day, but a picture from our first Christmas as a family.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

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  1. I am with you ! First Christmas with first born....amazing!!! Magical.

  2. this series is so great. good job getting all those memories down. :)


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