Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weekend Recovery

I was planning on posting this Monday, but well you know me... late for everything.  No, really, last week and weekend were so busy that I am soooo thankful for a dull week with only 2 things planned.
Let’s see, we left off in mid VBS week... so I guess we’ll start there.  
Jude continued to have a great time and I ended up with some of the cutest crafts that he and Aubrey Lane made that week.  VBS was great this year; however, this was my first year that I didn’t have a child make the decision to accept Jesus.  And honestly, I’m okay with that.  Of course, I’m on a mission to win souls, BUT sowing the seeds are crucial too.  A lot of my sweet tribe members were very young and first time participants, so I was excited to get to tell them about Jesus for the first time!  So I still think the week was a great success.  

And a HUGE thank you to my mother-in-law who was a such a blessing.  She helped set up and take down my class, helped get my babies to and from the church, and even left me a little treat one morning- a Hebrew Coke (the drink can had a little robe and belt around it)!  
We barely finished before the weekend monsoon started.  But the rain did not slow down our schedules that much.  We started Friday night with dinner with some really good friends, Sher√© and Joseph and their two boys at their new home.  It was so good to catch up and visit with them.  Our kids are the around the same age, so everyone enjoyed playing together too.  We absolutely adore this family, and always leave them saying we really need to do more stuff with them.  And I’m sure we will in the near future since one of our reasons for visiting was........   well I’m just going to save that for another blog post.  (gotta keep ya coming back for more)
Saturday rolled in with lots of rain which cancelled our family’s/ Aubrey Lane’s one year pictures.  Which was okay by me because I was not as ready as I’d like to be.  Well I already had an appointment to have my make-up done at MAC in the mall, so Lane said keep it and we’d have a date.  
I so needed this.  I have not been doing good to fight the mom syndrome of makeup and fashion resistance.. YIKES!!  And this inspired me so much to set a goal for myself to get up and put on some makeup and cute clothes everyday, regardless of the plans for the day.  I might even do some accountability blog posts on it, like OOTD (outfit of the day) or What I Wore This Week.  Anybody wanna hop on the bandwagon with this?

PS.  This is probably common knowledge, but for those few of you who might not know, MAC does your complete makeup for FREE with your purchase of $50 worth of makeup.  So if you are already going for a makeup purchase, you might as well call a few days in advance and pamper yourself.

During the date, which was great, I got a message from a friend who knew I was looking for tickets to LSU’s Super Regional and she had a couple for game 3.  So it looked like Sunday would be busy too.
The monsoon delayed the game Sunday, so we took advantage of the extra time home to clean the house.  It was SOOOO messy from the busy week before that I would not have let ANYBODY through my front door.  :-) Well, we all know how the game went, so I’ll just skip to the part where we get home and finally get in bed around 11:30.  

WHEW!  Was I ever so glad to see a boring, uneventful Monday. Since then I’ve been playing with babies and trying to catch up on a ton of orders.

Just a little sample of the things coming out of my sewing room lately...
And now it's time to REALLY starting enjoying my summer.  
Hope you are enjoying yours!!

What are y’all doing this summer and what fun activities do you have planned?  
Do you relax on bedtimes and routines during the summer, have a specific summer routine, or do you stick to your school time routine?
Have you already started the hunt for school supplies and uniforms?
What are some non-beach toddler friendly vacation ideas?
Any cool “stay”cation ideas, or fun things to do in South Louisiana or Mississippi?
(I’m hoping I can do a few blog posts with your answers so leave your comments, or better yet you can email me at  Either way is perfect!)

**You know how I mentioned doing posts about OOTD or WIW?  Well I know that there are family blogs, craft blogs, remodeling blogs, inspirational blogs, recipe blogs etc... I love to blog; however, I have no desire or extra time to devote to up keeping more than one blog, so I hope you don’t mind that you’ll have to put up with a post on any craft I create, any home project I undertake, any recipe that tastes decent, any outfit I might put together one day, any deal or good tip I might discover, every cute picture of Jude and Aubrey Lane, and any pressing matter God has placed on my heart.  ;-)

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  1. First off I have to say you look beautiful in that picture! Just stunning! I'm so proud of you for taking some much needed time for yourself...great reminder to myself!Gonna email you some fun summer ideas!


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