Monday, November 21, 2011

I hear you!

Today I am taking my sweet Aubrey Lane and little Jude Dude to Woman's Center for Wellness. Aubrey Lane is having her hearing rechecked. Because Jude is hearing impaired, Aubrey will
have to get her hearing checked regularly. I think...

Nothing is telling me Aubrey's hearing is impaired as well, but prayers are appreciated!

As for Jude, he is picking therapy back up at Woman's. He finished preschool at LSU until next semester, and we are resuming speech, occupational, and physical therapy. I am a little excited about this because all of these therapist are like family to us. Plus I'm not sure how much private therapy Jude's school schedule will allow for next year so I want to get as much as we can now.

I'm going to make a stronger attempt at blogging updates on Jude and Aubrey Lane. I feel very revived in my outlook on Jude's development. I believe- scratch that- I know that the Lord spoke to my heart through our Pastor's sermon yesterday morning!

Don't worry- I will divulge all that wonderful stuff later. For now I've gotta run!

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