Thursday, July 14, 2011

39 Weeks!!! All I can say is WOW!!

Today, I am officially 39 weeks pregnant!  A few weeks ago, I was sure I would have a sweet baby in my arms by now.  However, plans have changed over and over again... but I'm fine letting my bun in the oven "cook" as long as possible.

This morning, I will see both the specialists at Maternal Fetal Medicine and the OB filling in for my doctor.  This will be my last appointment before my scheduled cesarean section on July the 19th!  That is unless I go into labor beforehand... which would be a miracle in itself given that I haven't dilated a bit.  I'm even willing to bet money that I still won't be progressed when they examine me in a bit. 

I'm still praying very hard though!  I have five more days for it to happen.

These are our last days as a family of three and Jude's last days as an only child.  Honestly, this makes me a little sad.  My redhead has been my world for the past four years and I can't imagine making him share his title now.  But everyone says this is normal and I'll be surprised at how much my heart grows in seconds to love both children beyond belief.  I'm waiting for that moment.

Now we still are kind of scrambling to gather things for Sweet Pea.  Jude's toddler bed has yet to arrive, so no crib just yet.  I still can't make my mind up on a double stroller, so in turn, I still don't have a carseat for my baby.  And I never made a decision on which white paint to use, hence the nursery is still "wheat grass" yellow (I loved it at first, but it's starting to really hurt my eyes). 

The good news is, the toddler bed should be here Saturday.  I can swing into Babies R Us and get a carseat as soon as I make up my mind.  And I can probably manage to get the nursery painted Saturday while my hubby is assembling the toddler bed (as long as I make up my mind on what color of white-  I could really use some decorating advice here.  My trim is bright white, but I want a softer, off or linen white on the walls, would this look bad or anyone done this and have a specific color suggestion???).

Well.. that's really it for now...

Oh and a wee bit of information about the delivery of Sweet Pea for my friends in family- in case I do go into labor and don't have time to get the message out.

To my family and friends who are planning to be present at the hospital during the delivery:

Lane and I requesting that no photos be taken of the baby with your phone until the okay is given.  This is to prevent any pictures to be texted or posted onto Facebook.  We are also asking that you do not send any texts or make any Facebook posts about the baby- especially the gender and name of the baby!  We want to give family and friends who are planning to visit later the opportunity to meet the baby in person instead of via text or Facebook.  When we are ready, we will make a birth announcement here on The Mustard Seed.  I hope this doesn't upset anyone; Lane and I just feel like since we have patiently waited for this special baby, we would like to have the honor of publicly announcing the birth of our sweet baby and Jude's younger sibling. 
Thanks for your cooperation!!

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  1. Oh Angel you are almost there!!!

    I cannot wait to "meet" your sweet baby.

    Good luck picking out colors, I am sure you will end up with something lovely!


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