Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is a tribute

to the father who carries his son on his shoulders with pride

to the father who sings in silly voices when his son is sad or just to see him smile

the one who rocks his son in the middle of the night

the one who takes him for wagon rides 

the father who sleeps with his hand covering his unborn child 

the one who prays for his son every night before putting him to bed

the father who does not look at his son and see disability and disappointment, instead he takes delight in the wonderful works of God and gives thanks for his blessings

for the father whose adoration and love for his son is always on full display like a crown of jewels on his head

for the father called "Papa"

To the husband that still holds his wife's hand and always gets the door for her

to the husband who takes pride in his wife's accomplishments and brags on her

the one who still thinks his wife is beautiful and makes her feel like the only important person in the room

for the husband who buckles his wife's shoes because she can't reach them anymore

the one who can never tell his wife "no"

the one who places his wife's wants and needs above his own

to the husband who always apologizes first and the fastest even when his wife is to blame

to the husband who prays for his wife in the middle of the night when fear takes over her.

the husband that works very hard and without complaint so that his wife can stay at home with his children and still provide the things she wants

to the husband who loves his wife much more than he loves himself

For the man, who sets examples of what a good father and husband should be everyday, you are one of God's greatest gifts to us and we thank Him for you everyday!

Happy Birthday, Lane!
We love you very very much!


  1. Your words are so true, Angel. Please tell him Happy Birthday for me and that I love him and am so proud of him!

  2. This is such a beautiful post. He is a good man.

    May God continue to bless your family.

  3. thanks for making me cry :) so sweet! happy birthday lane :)

  4. Happy Birthday to a rare gem! You are blessed, even more so for knowing it:)))


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