Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Bears...

Lane and I have been trying to spend a little extra time with Jude before the new baby comes because we know the baby will need a lot of attention in the beginning. (Which in hindsight might be a bad idea because Jude may be even more attached to us and used to getting all our undivided attention... we shall see.)  

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago on the Saturday before Mother's Day, we traveled to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans with two of our closest friends, Darren and Nicolette, and their daughter, Hannah Grace.

Jude napped off and on through the zoo but it was still a great day spent with our little family and our awesome friends!  I did manage to get some cute pictures throughout the day...

Our friends.. it was Nic's first time ever to the Audubon Zoo...

Nic had to walk away... She couldn't handle her baby petting a snake.

About this time, Jude woke up with some serious "stroller hair"... so he got to pet the snake and other animals too.

Lane and Hannah Grace... She LOVED him and he was so good with her.  I think he needs a daughter. I'm just sayin...

We paused for a break and I got some cute pictures of our friends! (It was cute, but I wasn't climbing into the tree for pictures as big as I am.)

And Jude got to see some of his favorite animals...
 ZEBRAS!  Or "EEBA" as Jude calls them!

Then Jude decided to go back to napping.  We took him through the water mister to cool him off and he slept through the whole thing!

And I didn't get in many pictures cause I was taking them; okay by me because even though I am small framed, pregnancy has a tendency of making me HUGE everywhere.  Nevertheless, my hubby did get a picture of Nic and me cooling off.

We finished the day by stopping by Pottery Barn Kids, which was torture for me not knowing the gender of Sweet Pea.  But I managed to be too tired to really shop for long so I left without spending a dime.  Lane says he loves to shop with me when I'm pregnant.  I go right in a store and come right out.

The day was great.  It was actually my Mother's Day treat since we'd be spending (planned to spend- but the emergency room got to see us instead) with our moms.  Lane even started the day off by treating me to Krispy Kreme just like he did last year for my Mother's day breakfast.  

We plan to do more special family outings before it gets too hot and I get too pregnant which won't be long because I will be 31 weeks preggo tomorrow!  

Hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. 31 weeks yay!

    I love the pictures.

    I just have to tell you, I have a friend who is not a blogger but she found a few of your posts through my blog and just loves your family!

    You look great! God bless.


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