Wednesday, May 25, 2011

He's Officially a Big Boy!

Yesterday, we decided that it was finally time to make a change in Jude's routine.  It is a transition that was well overdue, but that didn't make it any easier... for me.

We put Jude in a...
Big Boy Bed!!

Well... it's really just his crib converted into a toddler bed, but nevertheless, he is no longer in a "crib".

This change was inevitable and actually my idea.  I have gotten to big in the belly to get Jude in and out of the crib.  So I had no problem when Lane was putting on the toddler bed rail.

However, the tears flooded when I put him to bed last night and he looked like such a big boy sleeping in his new bed.

I quickly left Jude's room and blamed it on needing to get the camera to take pictures of him in his new bed.  I guess I am as transparent as can be, cause when we were done saying goodnight to Jude, my husband treated me to a bowl of ice cream.

As we talked about Jude growing up and how it just doesn't seem like he will already be four this year, I talked to my belly and told Sweet Pea that I was thankful to be getting another little baby to put back in a crib.  I also told it that it better stay little for awhile.  My husband smiled and reminded me that Sweet Pea is going to grow up even faster than Jude did, so I better prepare myselft now.  It made me realize that Jude's delays have been a blessing in a way that our baby hasn't grown up too fast for us. 

Regardless of what kind of bed Jude is sleeping in or how many other babies we might have, Jude will always be my "baby"!


  1. Aww Angel, don't worry. I am 21 and I am still my momma's baby!!

  2. You are making me want to cry. My baby girl (oldest of 5) is going to get her license today ;(


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