Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This morning I stepped back into a clinic that I hoped I would never see again... the Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic.

However, this visit was very different from my past experiences there.  This visit I was going to get a confirmation that my Sweet Pea is healthy and doing well.

Well... I got the exact news I went to hear- the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist agreed with my doctor that Sweet Pea looks perfect.  His only concern was that he wants my doctor to closely monitor the baby in case it gets a little growth restriction as Jude did, but he didn't think that this was likely to happen.  

We talked about my stance on an amniocentesis (AGAINST, by the way), and he was completely supportive!  

I had expectations of another visit in a few weeks or so until the baby came to term at 37 weeks, but the doctor gave me a pleasant surprise- he discharged me from the clinic!!  I was surprised and VERY EXCITED for this.

On a bright note, I got to see pictures of my "Sweet Bean" again!  It was so sweet to see it moving all around and to see how much it's grown in only two weeks.  It weighs a pound and a couple of ounces already!  And the baby is holding strong to that July 26th date... so my sweet niece may get a new cousin for her birthday!

And for all those dying of curiosity out there, the gender of Sweet Pea is...

Still a Surprise!!

Come on now!  You didn't think I would cave and spoil the surprise after all this time, did ya?    

Thank you again, for all the prayers sent our way.  God is so faithful and we can't wait to meet our Sweet Bean in about 15-16 weeks.. Yep that's all we have left!!    

Lots of love, hugs, and kisses,


  1. So happy to read up on all the good reports! ! God is amazing! May the rest of your pregnancy be filled with joy!

  2. Wonderful news! God continue to bless you all.

  3. So happy for you sweet friend!!!

    Sorry for the delay in responding! Ashton's bumper pads are from
    Pom Pom.
    You can google it...

    Brace yourself. Beautiful things that will make you weak in the knees......

    My son will NOT go anywhere without them!!!

    Praying for you and baby today....

    Big Hug,



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