Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Little Christmas Inspiration

Lane and I were blessed to be able to vacation with Jude and Lane’s parents a couple of weeks ago.  We went to a place I had never been before and one of the parents’ all time favorite destinations: Branson, Missouri

The trip up there was pretty long.. but my sweet hubby let me sleep most the way!  We rented a little cabin which was a first for Mr. Gary and Mrs. Lucy!  They actually really enjoyed it!!

The first day, we spent in Eureka Springs, Arkansas shopping.  It was a beautiful little town with lovely shops along the steep streets.  One of my favorite shops housed handmade quilts by the Amish people.  The baby quilts were beautiful, making me wish I had a reason to buy one!

The next two days we spent shopping and visiting Silver Dollar City.  Silver Dollar City was starting their Old Time Christmas Celebration.. and as you can see from the pictures it was beautiful!  There was Christmas music and Christmas trees everywhere, people were dressed in old fashion Christmas costumes, and the place glowed with over four million lights and a five story Christmas Tree!!

We tried to center the afternoon around Jude and he rode amusement rides for the first time!  He had a blast and that made my heart happy!

One of my favorite moments was seeing A Dickens’ Christmas Carol at Silver Dollar City.  The costumes, singing, and acting were amazing!  I racked with sobs as Tiny Tim sang “God Made Me Special”.  It was truly the highlight of the whole trip.

The last day we went shopping at the outlets, and did a wine tour and took in a show with Mrs. Lucy and Mr. Gary that evening.
Although the vacation was wonderful, I am glad to be home so I can start decorating for Christmas..  (Being around four million christmas lights will have that effect on you!)
I hope y’all are getting warm hearts and joyful spirits as we enter this happy Christmas season!


  1. Loved seeing and hearing about your trip! What a special, blessed time with family. Edie Myer

  2. This makes me smile! I grew up an hour and a half from Branson and Eureka! I LOVE EUREKA SPRINGS!!!!! ahhhh. i'm so excited y'all got to have that vacation! and i'm so glad to read things are well with y'all!

  3. The smile on Jude's face is priceless. I can tell he had a blast! Good job Momma! ;)

  4. such great photos!!!

    love that one of you kissing jude! so sweet. then my other favorite is of your hubs throwing him up in the air!!! fantastic photos.

    angel, you kill are stickin gorgeous.

    love ya girl. so glad you all had a great time.



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