Friday, November 12, 2010

I have fallin' in love

with SEWING!!!

I was asked by a sweet lady at church (who, I also just found out, is Lane's distant relative) to make two pillow case dresses for her adorable granddaughter.

She brought me some pretty fabric and ribbon.. 

And I used freezer paper to trace my pattern.. this lengthens the life of my pattern so I can just trace the size I need without cutting and pinning the actual pattern itself.  I can even use the traced pattern again a few times!

**Freezer paper for pattern tracing is by no means a new idea.  However, I have used both freezer paper and parchment patter for this purpose.  Although  the freezer paper was about the same price for much more quantity, the parchment paper was easier to trace on and overall easier to use.

And, of course I'm still using my mom's bar of soap as a pin cushion.  The needles slip in the fabric so much easier and quicker with it.  It also keeps my little sewing box smelling fresh.

I learned a great deal making these dresses.  They were lined and that was something totally new to me.  I knew lining the dress would make it seem prettier by hiding all the seams, but I was terrified of the process.  After facing my fears and some trial and error, I got the dresses finished.  I am so proud of them!

She chose contrasting materials which turned out beautiful.  I can't wait to go fabric shopping for more contrasting pieces now.

I have always LOVED being crafty and creating things, but sewing has given me an outlet I hadn't expected.  I receive such a great feeling of accomplishment and gratification when I finish my outfits.  The sad thing is that Jude is getting a little old (or so Lane says) to be wearing jonjons and longalls, so I need to have another one soon... preferably a little girl ;-)

Now everyone knows that I'm a stay-at-home mom.  It is hard for me to sit on the sidelines of the financial plays in the family, so I've been thinking about starting a little Etsy shop with some children's cloths, burp clothes, bows, accessories, chair cushions, dishtowels, aprons and such of the like  to help contribute.  Let me know what you think in a comment below because I could use all the ENCOURAGEMENT or REALITY CHECKS I can get.

For all my redhead fans:
I will have some updates on him along with some precious pictures from our recent vacation that will be up soon!

Have a great Friday!

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  1. I absolutely love the dresses and cant wait to see more from the Angel collection! Love ya girlie, Christina Rigaud


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