Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Standing Boy

Standing in his pack-n-play like a big boy...
It's so exciting to see that Jude's muscle tone is improving everyday.  Seeing him stand all by himself is so surreal to us.  We love every moment and can't wait to he's walking around (or so we think).  And yes.. I know he really needs a haircut, but I just love his red curls...

Jude had a great Valentine's Day...  He was mommy's sweetheart for sure.  And the shirt is so true, Jude does love the ladies... and anyone else that will give him attention  :) 

And we were so excited to see another Louisiana Sneaux Day.  It was beautiful falling, but I am not a huge fan of getting wet and nasty.  Lane was at work and couldn't come play with us in it, so we were content to watch the snow from the window.  Then Monday we had a water leak from a valve in Jude's bathroom which left the carpet in his room and the guest room pretty wet.  Lane came home from work to help clean up the mess and in the meantime Jude decided he loved us too much to be put down.. AT ALL!  But all is better now, with the carpet.  However, Jude will not let us out of his sight.  It's kinda nice in a way...

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  1. What a blessing that lil tyke is. Thank u guys for letting us love on you. I'm sure frustrating at times but God will give you strength you never thought possible. Love u guys!!


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