Thursday, June 7, 2012

Marketplace 2012

So this week has been crazy busy for me. This week, I am teaching vacation bible school at our church.

This is my fourth year, and I just have to say I don't know how teachers do it. It is so exhausting to be going from 8:45-12 with no mindless downtime. I couldn't imagine doing it from 8-3 5 days a week, 9+ months a year.

I love VBS!

I remember going a few times as a child, and really enjoying it. So I want my tribe members, and more importantly, my children to have lots of memories and testimonies from there time at VBS.

This is Jude's second year to participate in a tribe and he is really enjoying his time there.

Please excuse the ton of pictures I'm sharing; I'm just so excited to see Jude happy and participating.

I have a sweet tribe this year. I lead Judah 2- of course ;-) our lesson has been great, and I even got to share a kid version of my testimony with Jude. I didn't know hardly any of them before the week started, but I really want to strive to make each child feel special and important- the way that God feels about them.

Aubrey Lane is staying in the church nursery, but I think she's having fun playing with other babies since she doesn't get to do that often. Part of me has been a little nostalgic this week as I remember leading my tribe around last year while I was 9 months pregnant... Now here she is, almost a year old.

Please pray for my VBS tribe as well as the other tribes and leaders. Life change, eternally altering decisions are being made everyday this week.

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  1. Angel, the pictures are beautiful. I am so glad is he having a good time. God is great!


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