Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Mother's Day Story Part 2

If you have been my blog reader or follower for a while, then you probably remember that Mother's Day for me last year was quite eventful.  We spent most the day in the emergency room and ended up being admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the end of the day.   You can read all about it by clicking here.

Well, I was determined to not have a repeat of that this year.  However, God had a different plan. 

We started the day off at 2am with Jude waking up crying with a fever, congestion, and vomiting. 

After getting up with him off and on all night, we decided to take him to our urgent care center when it opened at 9.  When the doctor come in to examine Jude, she spent 10 seconds with him and told us she was afraid that Jude was having an appendicitis and that we needed to go to the emergency room immediately.

Frustrated because the doctor spent so little time with Jude, we didn't agree that Jude may be having an appendicitis.  But we aren't doctors and you cannot take chances with your baby's well being, so off to the hospital we went. 

I cried on the way because this would be the second consecutive Mother's Day that we would spend in the hospital and the fourth Mother's Day I was spending with a sick baby. 

Once we reached the ER, the doctors took Jude back right away and ruled out an appendicitis.  They did however, want to take some x-rays and get a urine sample to rule out any pulmonary issues and urinary tract or kidney infections.  The x-rays came back fine, but we waited and waited and waited for Jude to give us a urine sample.  Twenty ounces of pedialyte and seven and a half hours later, we finally got the sample.  It was clear and the hospital discharged us with instructions to see our pediatrician for testing in the morning.  Why they couldn't do the testing is beyond me!

Well, I brought Jude to the pediatrician yesterday and after a few tests, it seems that Jude just has a nasty little virus that has to run its course.  Jude is still very sick and miserable so hopefully the virus is peaking today.

While at the hospital, I (in tears once again) asked Lane if we would get back all the time we've lost in doctors' offices and hospitals.  He answered that he didn't see today as a loss- that he got to spend the whole day with his wife and son and that was all that he really wanted to do anyway; all that really mattered to him.  His response was so sweet.  What would I ever do without that man!

Now on some other Jude health news... Friday, we saw Jude's ear, nose, and throat doctor to check on those chronic ear infections and nasty noses.  It seems that Jude's ear infections are only going to be cleared up with a new set of tubes; his third set (we got the second set only 6 months ago).  This time the doctor wants to put in a different type of tube that should last 2-3 years.  They have a few minor risks, but they are extremely out-weighed by the benefits.  The doctor also wants to remove Jude's adenoids.  We are a little excited about this because Jude seems to keep a runny or crusty little nose these days.  This could also alleviate Jude's obstructive sleep apnea, and he would no longer have to wear oxygen at night.  Oh how nice it would be to go somewhere overnight or on vacation without an oxygen tank and concentrator!!

We scheduled the surgery for the end of May which should give Jude plenty of recoup time before Sweet Pea gets ready to arrive.

Well...Mother's Day was not the best day on the calendar, but like Lane said, we spent it together so we couldn't ask for more. 

Hope all you Mommies had a great Mother's Day! 

And to my "special" mommies:

For all the moms who had to wait longer to hear a first word and first step, who spent more time in doctors offices with their child than on play dates, who endure the countless "bad days" and the constant..For the moms whose child's first friend was their therapist..For the moms who find their joy in the Lord and not the accomplishment of milestones..For the moms who face special needs everyday... Happy Mothers day to the greatest mothers of all!


  1. i'm so sorry that happened! but what encouraging words from your husband!

    quinn has had 3 sets of tubes and his adenoids taken out also. his second and third sets were 6 weeks apart! :( soooo, after this last set we had him tested for allergies and had special ear plugs made and put him under a strict "no water in the ears" policy. the allergy testing was soooo beneficial as have the ear plugs. i'm not sure if you've had him tested for allergies, or done the plugs, but it might be worth it. i'm pretty sure quinn had an ear infection for 2 years straight. and at our post-op appt this week his ears were completely dry! the first time since all this started! just a little advice from a momma who has walked through this battle. :)

    also, thank you for your encouraging words at the bottom of your post. what a joy our special little boys are! :)

  2. You and your family are so positive. Jude is so blessed to have you as his mom.

    Sorry your Mother's Day was not perfect, but your husband is right, spending time with family is what really matters.

    God Bless!


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