Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Victory... again

I have some really good news:

Jude. Is. Eating. Again!

And this time he is eating without the aid of an appetite stimulant. He is overall just more interested in his food and eating.  Jude is also eagerly participating in meal times.  When I put him in his high chair and start making his meals, he squeals and claps with excitement!  And he has finished all his meals that we have given him.  SO THRILLING!

Oh, what joy Lane and I receive from being able to feed our son without tears, frustrations, and feelings of hopelessness!  To do something as "normal" as feeding our son is beyond fulfilling.  

Please don't take it for granted the next time you feed a messy eater or you've got a fussy, hungry toddler.

My only regret for this post is that I haven't taken any pictures of Jude eating his food like a big boy.  I will, I promise!  In fact, I must apologize for the lack of photos in my recent posts.  My camera battery has been dead since Christmas, and I shamefully haven't put the first effort into digging out the charger for it.

Oh!  Did I mention that the foods Jude is eating are huge jars of 3rd foods with bits of noodles and meat in them?!  Such a huge accomplishment!  BUT, we need to keep pushing forward with more and more solids to transition Jude to table food quickly.  (Table food has more calories than jar food.)

This is where I need the help of all my mom's who have been through this stage of eating with their baby.  I need any suggestions on easy and safe to eat table food for a baby learning to chew!  How often do you offer a baby food?  Right now, Jude is eating lunch and dinner- we are about to add breakfast to the roster and maybe a couple of small snacks between meals.  Is that too much?? So please help me,  I'm very clueless in this department.  

I am going to talk to his speech and occupational therapist next week about trying to get Jude drinking from a sippy or sports cup.  No matter how much solid food Jude eats, it is very crucial that he learns to drink as well since he will receive most of his vitamins and calories from his Pediasure.

We are praying that this time around, Jude will not quit eating, but only get better at it.  I feel in my heart that he is only going to get stronger at his eating, especially since he is enjoying it so much!

Regardless, our Father's plan and timing is perfect.  So we will wait on Him and give Him all the praise for Jude's accomplishments.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him."       Psalm 34:8


  1. What a blessing. I struggled with my youngest for a very short time and I know how worrisome it is. I will pray that he continues to improve and learn to love food. The only thing I remember is frozen mixed veggies, I would steam them until soft and add a little salt if I had to, that and noodles. Good luck on your seach for foods.

    God Bless,
    Cha CHa

  2. Yay Jude! What great, happy news! We're so very proud of you :)

  3. Just found your blog! I am so glad Jude is eating, this is great!!! I would suggest mashed potatoes, oatmeal, for snacks you could do puffs, or yogurt bites!

  4. Hey!

    Such good news about Jude! When Cameron was that age he loved cheese tortellini. I would get the freezer bag an boil a few. He loved them.

    I should start a twitter thing, but I have no clue about tweeting. I would be able to keep up with bloggy friends better! I haven't felt compelled to post anything so I haven't looked at blogs this week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and get your camera going again!


  5. how exciting!!!

    yes, i agree with everyone's suggestions. like cha cha, do the frozen veggies cook them longer. gradually make the oatmeal thicker so he can get used to it. yogurt would be an awesome thing too. then gradually SOME of those diced peaches out of a fruit cup. they are softer then the normal ones in a can. he will love that. gradually make your mashed pototoes thicker as well, i then would add grated cheese to them.

    you'll do it & figure it all out as you go. this is so exciting to read.

    what a blessing!!!

  6. oh i forgot to say...don't be too scared to season his food. i mean, i know all of this is a shock to his system that's not used to it, but my theory've gotta make it good so they'll keep eating it or trying different foods.

    scrambled eggs are good too. then you can add cooked veggies to them, like an omelet when he's ready.


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