Friday, January 14, 2011

Precious Baby

Dear Sweet Baby,
Before I knew of you, I had always wondered if my heart was large enough to love another baby as much as I love my sweet Jude.  However, I am amazed at how much my heart has grown in the past two months, and how much I love you already.
Sweet baby, you are my miracle and my answered prayer.  I never knew if I would get to carry another baby.  Now I am honored to be carrying you.  I have prayed for you before you were even created, and I will continue to pray for you until I take my last breath.  I pray that you are healthy, smart, and strong.  I pray that you will love your brother as much as we do.  I already know you will.  I ask God to place a special purpose on your life, and I cannot wait to see all that you will teach me.  I ask God that you never stand in the shadows of someone or something, but that you stand only in His light and love.  I know you will change this world, yet be not of it, but something far, far bigger and better.  Most importantly, I pray that you come to know Jesus as your savior and friend, and that you live in a joyful relationship with Him.
I dream of you often.  I do not know whether I will call you son or daughter, nor have I found a name that seems good enough for you, my miracle.  However, I still imagine what life will be like once you are here.  I admit, that I do worry that life will not be easy for us in the beginning.  But that is just a worry, not a forecast and whatever plan the Lord has for us, we can handle it together.  And if we can’t, the Lord will handle it for us. 
I wonder often what you will look like.  Will you share the same striking blue eyes of your father and brother or will you have my brown eyes?  Will you look like me or your father, or will you be your brother’s little twin with his curly auburn hair?  Will you love music as much your father does, or will you be your mother’s child and have a deep affection for the written word?  I bet, whatever your passion is, that you will naturally excel at anything just as your father does.  I can’t wait to see you succeed at your endeavors.
I pray that you appreciate and understand what a blessing it is to be born into our family with Jude as your big brother.  I pray that he teaches you all the incredibly valuable life and heart lessons our family has come to know because of him.  I know that you will also be his teacher and his best friend.  I hope you will hold his hand when he is afraid and help him up when he falls.  Your brother may one day come to love and need you more than he does me or his father.  But I want you to know, that we do not expect for you to be your brother’s keeper, just to love him and see him for the blessing that he is.  You will make your own place in this world and be just as much a wonderful blessing to me, your father, and everyone who knows you.  You already are.
My darling baby, I will continue to pray for you and speak nothing but blessings and life into your own life.  I can’t wait to see all that our Father is creating you to be!  I am thankful God has loaned you to me to care for.  It’s going to be spectacular, I’m sure.


  1. That is so Beautiful. Your are such an eloquent writer. Jude is so Blessed to have you for his Mother. The Lord knew he would need a very special Mommy, and by reading this He made the right choice. We learn so much from our children, Jude can teach us all so much.. He is going to be the BEST Big Brother. I can just see that smile and excitement on his face when he meets his new brother or sister... God Bless you sweet sister, I look forward to getting to know you more through our time together at Bible Study.. Sweet Dreams :-)

  2. Angel Everything you write is beautiful and so true. I pray for you every night . God has given you such a precious gift and another one on the way. That is so awesome . Our God is an awesome God. My Abby was a miracle baby also so was My child Joshua . ANd MY Sweet Matthew must have been to special for me to keep because God must have needed him . When I read your blogs you give me inspiration .. I pray for the Lords Will to be done ..
    God Bless
    Charlene Taylor


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