Saturday, January 8, 2011


With the approaching of my twelve week mark, my morning {all day} sickness and exhaustion has started to fade away and I am feeling like Angel again.  That project loving girl is coming back to life slowly but surely. 

The reviving of my sleepy spirit has also left me greatly anticipating the arrival of a sweet something: 


I know we are in the very beginnings of a new year and not even half-way though with winter, but I have been daydreaming about the arrival of Spring for sometime now.   I knew that I would be back to myself and ready to face the projects necessary to prepare our home for our new baby; however, I have been surprisingly dreaming of other things that come with that sweet new season.

I can't wait to hang baskets of beautiful plants on my new porch.  The porch and deck that we'll go outside and play on more since the weather will be warmer.  The porch where we will visit with sweet friend while we barbeque and watch the kids play.  AHHH... it sounds like heaven.

I can't wait until the grass starts turning from this dead brown to a bright green.  I can almost smell that fresh cut grass as Lane cuts the yard.

I am ready to wear dresses and sandals.  I am waiting to dress my redhead in seersucker outfits and precious little jonjons.  I am waiting to dye and hide eggs. But most importantly, I am eager to celebrate the real reason behind all fresh starts and new beginnings, the rising of Jesus, my Savior.

I am impatiently waiting for all the azaleas 

and hydrangeas to burst out into full beautiful blooms.  I can already see how gorgeous my table will be with a fresh cut floral arrangement from my own back yard.

And for sentimental reasons, I have talked my husband into making and setting up a clothesline for me.  I can remember being a little girl and my Momma hanging the sheets and towels out to dry on the clothesline.  I would eagerly follow behind her, catching the clothespins as she would fold the towel right there and put in the basket at her feet.  My heart strongly desires to make those sweet simple memories for my own children, as old fashioned as they may be.  Plus there seems to be something so peaceful about seeing clothes blowing in the breeze on a warm sunny day.  

I know, I know... I am rushing things.  Time goes by too quickly without me rushing things.  But I can't help but to want to see the world burst with renewed growth and a new season to match my own refreshed spirit.

"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."
Psalm  51:10

Photo Credits: Martha Stewart

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  1. How timely this post and our convo. was. That is just too funny. I am dreaming of a clothes line also, I want the kind that spins.... but we will see. Hope you are having a great weekend.

    Cha Cha


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