Monday, December 13, 2010

Everybody loves a little good news

And you are sure to love this news...

Everything.  Looked.  WONDERFUL! at the doctor's office today.

I did not get to hear my little sweet pea's heart beat yet- we will do that next Monday.  But I did get some official good news:

The doctor said my measurements were great, even a little big for my gestation!  This was extremely good news and I will explain why.

When I was expecting Jude, I always measured very small for gestation.  [Looking back, with that 20/20 hindsight,  it was the first tell tale signs of Jude's medical conditions.]  So it was wonderful to hear that I am measuring on the big side.

On the encouraging side: let me just brag on my wonderful doctor for a minute...  The doctor was so positive and encouraging.  She intends to treat this pregnancy as normal until something suggests to her otherwise.  She suggested I do the same.

She explained to me that around 17-20 weeks, she would do an in depth anatomy scan of the baby and refer us to Maternal Fetal Medicine just to confirm its perfect diagnosis.

I also had all my labs drawn today which I'll get the results of in a couple days if something looks a little abnormal like low iron.

And I've also LOST 3 pounds!  (I refuse to get on the scale at the house.)  For those of you who do not know, I have been very sick with this baby... sicker than I was with Jude.  The doctor said that this was a great sign of high healthy hormones.  But since I'm actually vomiting, not just feeling sick she was a little concerned and gave me some Phenagren (sp?) to follow the generic Zofran should it not work.  Which it doesn't but I've heard Phenagren is a little risky in the 1st trimester so I'm trying to avoid it.  I trust Dr. Ann would never prescribe me anything not safe for sweet pea, though!!

Well that's it... lots of good news.  Hopefully labs will come in great and I can share that with you as well!

Thank you! Thank you!!  THANK YOU for all of your sweet prayers, scriptures, comments, notes, and words of encouragement.  They bless my heart in so many ways.  I read them over and over again!  But please continue to pray for my sweet pea.  We are not out of the woods until blood work can prove it's healthy after it's born.

We know God is in complete control!  Those are not just empty words to our family.

I love y'all!


  1. Praise you God. I was very sick with both of my girls and had to be on both of those medications. I know you are fearful of medication as was I, but I will tell you I took them from 8 weeks to 25 week regularly and then on occasion until 40 weeks and both of my girls are healthy with no side effects. Hope that will ease your mind a bit. I will continue to pray for.

    Cha Cha

  2. That is wonderful news!!! Ive been praying and will continue to pray. Im sorry you are feeling sick. I miss seeing you on facebook and I am much more regular there than twitter. Did you know we moved? Im sad we wont get to do a Houston trip. Praying for you and your family!


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