Monday, May 10, 2010

What You've Been Missing...

Since I have a good bit of down time on my hands and free WiFi at the hospital, I decided to put up some pictures and updates of what's been going on in our little Watts Family for the past couple of months..  Hope you enjoy!!

In March, we had Aunt Wendy's Surprise Crawfish Boil to celebrate her birthday.

Here is the "Birthday Girl" Aunt Wendy

And the newest "Watts" member, Kenadi

Jude's wagon came in handy more ways than one.

And I took advantage of the nap time to get my share of some AWESOME boiled crawfish

Spring was beautiful at our house.  I'm sad to see it gone!  Everything was beautiful all bloomed out, especially the crabapple tree Uncle Joey and Aunt Casey gave us last year!

Jude is still getting better with his eating.  Finishing whole jars of baby food are getting to be a regular thing around our household!!

And Jude had a blast at Anna's birthday party!!  He played with her baby duck and jumped on the trampoline.  It wore him out!  Such a great day!

Well.. that's it for now.  Don't worry though, I'll have more pics to put up very soon!!!  

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