Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TODAY'S MENU: Good News with A Side of Frustration

Well we got the other good news we had been waiting on.  At eleven o'clock last night, Lane complained to the nurse that we were waiting all day for EKG results and not one doctor had bothered to stop by to update us on anything since about 9:00 am.  The nurse looked through Jude's chart and found that the cardiologist had signed off on the EKG shortly after it was done (also close to 9am).  The cardiologist marked the EKG as "much improved"!! AWESOME NEWS!!!

Now the "side of Frustration" comes in with the fact that no one felt the need to convey this information ALL DAY!  We waited for results for ten hours in anxiety and worry in vain.

Now, in my blogging, I like things to be cheery and upbeat.  I like my writing to display a polite and respectful tone so that anyone reading the blog will not be influenced by my own opinion.  However, I have realized that: "This is MY blog about MY family," and not every experience we share is "polite" or "cheery".  And one experience that has definitely failed to meet that particular criteria has been this hospital stay.  I think it is very odd that not one doctor has stopped by to explain to us any type of plan of action.  And I am beyond frustrated with the night nurse who has been rude and seems clueless!!

THERE!!  I've been "real" in this blog.  However, let me backtrack for a moment.  Despite my current frustration, we have had a good experience with our day nurse and with a couple of doctors.

Now this morning, Jude has already had a chest x-ray, but has gone back to sleep.  I am waiting on results to that.  Lane went back to work this morning since Jude seemed to be doing so much better.  So it's just me and Judey Jude to face the doctors this morning.  Hopefully we will be getting discharged at some point this morning and on our way home.  I'll let y'all know if anything changes or when I hear any news.

Hugs and Kisses,
Angel and Jude

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