Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hi.. Remember Me?

Can you believe that it's been a year since my last blog post?


A. Whole. Year.

It's not that I haven't wanted to blog.  There were many times I sat down with a well thought out blog post and just never got around to put the finishing touches on it and hitting that gratifying "post" button.  Then after about 7-8 months, I realized that having been outside of the blogging community for so long has left me feeling out of date and overwhelmed by the whole blogging process.  This led me to feel like maybe it was time to finally say goodbye to the blog, but the thought of never blogging again put a pain in my chest and a lump in my throat.  I knew that couldn't be the right decision.

This blog is important to me.  It's a real time scrap book and journal. I love looking back over the years and reliving the feelings of those precious little blogged moments. 

The issue with blogging this year was not with content.  This past year carried more than its fair share of heartaches and glorious days in the sun (which I hope to share later).  The real issue, if I'm being honest, is that I felt I bit reclusive this past year.  I tiptoe, with constant questioning and uncertainty, along the line between being an open book and over sharing.  And as much as I want to be completely open with everything all the time, I fully believe that there is etiquette and grace in keeping some things private.. so it's a constant balance.  And that's okay. I just want to make sure this blog isn't a dog and pony show of a seemingly perfect life.  (Most of y'all know me in real life and know that's far from the truth. HA!)

So there is so much to catch up on and sooo many new adventures ahead.  Jude is almost 8 and Aubrey Lane just made 4!  -Putting that in writing makes it really sink in that my babies aren't babies anymore.  My writing is terribly rusty and probably completely dull so go easy on me, but other than that I feel pretty excited to be back. 

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  1. I have missed your writing so much. I do hope you'll be able to write more soon! In the meantime, I'm glad for Instagram!


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