Sunday, July 14, 2013

Refreshed and Blessed

Hi there!  Hope your summer is going well.  Mine?  It's fantastic!!

Seriously! No sarcasm at all in that previous statement. 

I took a break from orders and just did family life the past 6 weeks, and I got some REST!  We've played, we've been lazy, we've created, we've pretended, we've grown, and we've had a lot of fun. 

We ended the school year with lots and lots of fun things like school plays and school parties.

Jude was the Baker from The Three Men in the Tub.  And because of his need for assistance in walking, he was the last person to go up to take a bow and the had to go solo.  This Momma got super choked up when the audience cheered and clapped loudly for my redhead!  Never a dull moment with him.

We got most of the family to come out and eat crawfish, listen to good music, and support the Central Community and Schools during Cooking in Central.  In fact, Central sent a large part of their proceeds back with two dignitaries from Moore, Oklahoma.

Then we started with the fun. The children have been in their swimsuits about every day.

And Lane and I decided to give Atkins a try since we both had a little "baby" weight we wanted to shed.  It was successful!! So I've been in my swimsuit just about everyday too! (I don't want any grief about dieting- you have to be comfortable in the skin you're in!) The plan was much easier than I thought it would be, and besides helping us shed a little weight, it has thrown us into a super healthy eating lifestyle.  We were such fast food junkies before.  Now we eat so much better and feel better too!

We have played in the sprinkler, the pool... we've gone to the library, the movies, and the aquarium!

We have given potty training somewhat of a lackadaisical effort.  I say that because I haven't really been a drill sergeant about it for two reasons.  The first reason is that I'm not sure Aubrey Lane is ready, and secondly, I'm not sure that I'm ready.  Sorry if I get criticized, but I think she is growing up too fast and I don't think that she's going to start school in a diaper.

Speaking of school... the realization that school starts back in only a month just blows my mind.  School just got out for the summer!  I have really enjoyed having my Jude home.  He has been so happy and sweet.  He's also been doing some new fun things like pulling to standing position and standing up and doing toe touches... just that much closer to walking!!!

Also speaking of school, I have seriously considered homeschooling Aubrey Lane for preschool.  Well I'm about 99% sure I'm homeschooling her.  Never in my life had I ever felt driven to homeschool my children; however, homeschooling Aubrey Lane came in a tiny whisp of an idea one day.  Well as I talked about it, looked into it, and prayed about it, my enthusiasm for taking control of my daughter's education foundation has overwhelmed me!  I am still looking over some curriculums and haven't made a decision on which path to take, but I'm super excited to get started!

Other exciting things have been going on this summer.  One thing is the opening of Southern Charm Marketplace.  I now have a permanent retail space!  It's actually more like a retail display,  but I love it and it's just another little part of the dream coming true.  And since I took a break from orders, when I got back in the sewing room about a week ago, I felt so refreshed and inspired.  I'm truly feeling like me again. 

Well.. school is just around the corner, but there is still lots of summer left to enjoy.  Hope you are all having a great summer!

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