Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days of Christmas-Day 2: Do You Believe?

To Santa or Not To Santa?

Okay... Today's post is a little late.  (I didn't promise they would all be posted in timely fashion) Anyway- today's topic is more of a thought provoking question and maybe a little advice for a mama on the fence about a big subject..

I grew up in a home where we believed in Santa.  And, well, my husband grew up in a home that didn't talk about Santa.  So therefore, we are not both on board for either route. 

 I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your spouse, but I have a hard time doing anything with my family if my husband and I aren't 100% on the same page.

In case I haven't been obvious enough about it in my former posts, let me just boldly state:


and well I've noticed a trend that a lot of Christians don't teach there children to believe in Santa Claus because it can distract them from the true reason for Christmas.  Or about lying to their children then later having to traumatize them when they reveal that Santa never brought them toys.  

While all that is understandable, I still have a lot of Christian friends that do play the role of St. Nick in their homes.  And I think I want to have a Santa believing home as well.  I mean, I figured out that there was no Santa on my own and I was not traumatized by it at all.

So here are my questions to my Christian families:

Does your family believe in Santa, and your reasons behind your decision?
If you do teach Santa, how do you make sure that Jesus is still the main attraction?

And of course if you do believe in Santa, you have these cute little guys to add to your tradition now.

His name is Wilbur.  You all know why :)

I jumped on the bandwagon.  I couldn't resist.  I love, love, love traditions.  And having a cute one to do with my children is going to make so many good memories to share with them when they aren't so little anymore.  Maybe do with their own families.  I would love to someday see my grandchildren doing something I did with my own babies.

Which brings me to tomorrow's post...

I love 'em.  I want 'em.

I'm going to be sharing one that Lane and I have started on our own.  And rather it's been done for generations or started with you, I want to hear yours too!

Hoping your Christmas is being very merry!


  1. Great topic....I grew up with Santa & my parents weren't Christians (very religious though!) and I remember when I found out when Santa wasn't real, I was really mad that my parents "lied" to me, and when I would address the issue, they would just say "if you don't believe you don't get presents"...so I was scared of the same thing happening...but we did have Santa. When Cade was in 2nd grade or so, we were driving in the car and he said to me, "Mom, Santa isn't real" (but I knew he was really questioning it) So I said, No, baby, Santa isn't real, and I looked in my rear view mirror & he had tears in his eyes and said "I knew it! My bike said it was made in China!"

    Such a funny story, right! But I went on to explain that Santa was make-believe, just like unicorns & cartoons. I think it's funny when people get so "religious" and forbid Santa, yet they take their kids to Disney World, talk about Cinderella, princesses, yet it's the same thing as Santa. As you can see....it's all about your approach. I didn't drag on the "lie" but we should all be able to dream!

  2. I found this on Pinterest and wish I had had it when my children were younger and came of age.


    We have always done Santa as part of our Christmas but have always emphasized Christ's birth. I liken our decorations to the party decorations we do for their birthday parties. I recently read that some people use Want. Need, Wear, Read as the guideline for gifts. Once again, I wish I had thought of that when my kids were younger.

    Sharing the joy of Christ's birth either through twinkly lights and a tree or a simple nativity is the choice each family must make. We have chosen both.


  3. From what i have been told, once upon a time there was a St. Nick who would bring gifts to the poor and needy. As time went on his story was spread throughout the world and began to be replicated in the form of santa . So even though there is no St. Nick presently, his legend lives on. Jesus also looked after the poor, widowed and orphaned, and thank goodness His truth continues to live in our hearts and souls daily.


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