Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Surgery Update

Ok... so I know that I have been awful at keeping up with this blog this summer!  We have just been having a fun and easy summer...  so far.  As most of you already know, Jude had surgery this morning.  He had four doctors coordinating together to do a bronchoscopy (look at his airway), endoscopy (look at his digestive tract), a central line placement (because it is tough to find a vein for an IV), and a couple other personal things taken care of.   Well first I have to say: I am so thankful that Jude was healthy for his big day.  Thats a big "Thank You" to all my prayer warriors out their covering last week.  Jude did great in surgery- the doctors got to get a good look at everything and take biopsies of what they needed, they were able to start an IV and didn't even need the pediatric surgeon for the central line, every other goal was accomplished, and most importantly Jude did beautifully throughout the process.  We are currently in a room, not the PICU, and Jude is sleeping very peacefully.  A BIG BIG thanks to our Greenwell Springs family for coming to be with us, our parents who are always by our sides, and to all of you who have been keeping our little boy (our heart) in your prayers!!!  We love y'all!!

We should get to go home tomorrow, and I will post updates as I can (and maybe try to catch up on some pics from all of our summer fun so far).  Thanks again!!

the Watts Family

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