Wednesday, July 21, 2010

our georgia adventure

About a month ago we took a trip to Georgia for a cousin's wedding.  Well since anytime you travel with a two year old is quite a task, we decided we might as well make a little vacay out of it.  And that we did!  We had originally planned to go to Savannah, Georgia since we were already past Atlanta, but under certain circumstances and somebody getting a little sick before we decided to just stick to Atlanta.  Even though we only had a couple of days there before the wedding festivities started, we had a BLAST!!! 

The first couple of days we spent in Atlanta, and right next to it, sight seeing, visiting a museum, and shopping of course- starting with my new favorite place, IKEA!

Then we moved on to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History where we became pretty acquainted with some geckos. 

Lane, the weather man, telling us the forecast.

After a couple of days in and around Atlanta, we headed to the country for wedding festivities and lodging at the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center.  It was very beautiful and we wished we had more days to spend there also.

Then the wedding festivities began!  We watched Nathan and Mallory become Mr. and Mrs.

We paused for a minute for a few family photographs (since we were all so spiffy)

Everyone had a great time at the reception, especially the bride and groom.

And Jude had the honor of dancing with.....   the groom ;-)

All in all, it was a fantastic little getaway!  We look forward to going to Georgia again!

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