Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolving to do...Nothing!

Happy New Year, friends!  

I must admit, I am excited for 2014.  Something about the cold and rainy days of January and February give me some "isolation time" to focus on my family and home.  

While everyone else has made some pretty admirable lists of New Year's Resolutions, I have decided to do something a little different this year.  You see resolutions are put into place to resolve a problematic area in your life, but I have something else in mind.  

Don't get me wrong- I have SEVERAL problematic areas in my life!  But the big stuff, I mean the really really important stuff like being more patient with my children, being a submissive wife, give more of myself and time to others, end any partaking in gossip, calming my temper, DYING TO SELF... you know, like I said, the BIG stuff, all the stuff most of us strive at being and doing, WE CAN'T DO!  Trust me, I've tried doing it for several years now, and like a light bulb going off, I have just realized I CANNOT DO IT!

All these wonderful things I strive to do and be are all part of my Sanctification process and becoming more Christ like.  The only way I am going to resolve any negative area of my life is to fill it with Jesus, Jesus, and more Jesus.  And He will reveal the areas that need attention when His time is right.  Instead of trying to "change my ways", I am going to strive harder to listen to Holy Spirit and be obedient.  Which opens way too many doors for me to talk about in this post.

Even though I did not make resolutions, I do have some exciting projects and goals for 2014, from very tiny to kinda big.  

The really little is to eat cleaner meals, less fast food, and no more eating in the living room.  This little goal was put into place to obviosly have healthier habits, have better family time with meals at the table, and train my little family to keep food and crumbs off the new white couches I plan on getting.

The bigger projects, since I am striving to Bloom Where I am Planted, I have decided to update, renew, and redo my house.  Yes, we are still planning on building soon, but I am so much happier "doing" than I am "waiting".  Realistically we shouldn't make huge financial ventures, like say a 30 year mortgage, until Lane has been at Entergy for at least 2 years.  That won't be until November.  And then with the rain and weather of our great Louisiana Winter, it probably won't be practical to start building until late winter/ early spring.  So I am going to give my best effort into making the inside of this house look like what I want the inside of my new house to be.  I'll be so excited to blog about all the projects along the way.  

Well that's it; my first post for 2014.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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  1. Those both sound great! I'm working on keeping my kids from eating our living room, too, with the hopes of getting a new rug sometime. Some day....White couches will definitely be a reminder!


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