Friday, February 17, 2012

We’re expecting a visit...

So Cupid has come and gone and the Easter Bunny is on his way, but before he gets here, we are expecting another special guest.
The Tooth Fairy is coming tonight!
That’s right.  Jude lost his first tooth last night.  We found it wiggly Sunday night.
Lane teared up.  
He couldn’t believe that his baby boy is growing up.  Neither of us are ready for this stage. You know, that “kid” stage.  I’m sure Jude will make this stage of parenting and childhood unique in his own way and that it's going to be a blast!
Well, the next night we decided that the tooth needed to come out before Jude accidentally swallowed it.  So fast forward to my best friend behind the camera filming the “big moment”, me holding Jude’s hands, and Lane attempting to pull the tooth.  Well after about three takes and a very, very upset Jude, we decided we that it wasn’t ready.
Lane cried again. 
So last night, we checked it again, and Lane said it really needed to come out.  So one little tug, and out it came.
Then Lane almost cried again.
I announced that the Tooth Fairy requires an invitation, aka lost tooth, 24 hours in advance before making an appearance.  She’s a busy girl with a hoppin’ night life.  She can’t just drop everything she’s doing at a moment’s notice.  (She might not have any quarters on hand... what is the going rate for a tooth these days?)

He’s just as cute with one less tooth.

I warned Lane that this was just the beginning and that we would probably see him without his two front teeth at some point this year.  What a sight that will be!

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