Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Day Photo Checklist

“You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So... get on your way!”
― Dr. SeussOh, the Places You'll Go!

In just a few days, my little redhead will have his very first day of school.  I know he went to LSU for the past couple years, but that was just 3 hours a day and 2 days a week for 12 weeks a semester.  Monday, he will start all day/everyday preschool!  YIKES!!

Truth be told, I am not sad a bit.  I am actually very, very excited.  This is just another major milestone in life that, at one point, I was doubtful we’d see.  But, more importantly, Jude will be attending a great school, and he will have a wonderful team of teachers and therapists that I believe genuinely care about him.

A little one’s first day of school is an occasion that needs to be scrapbooked or documented somehow, and, of course, you need lots of pictures of that first day to commemorate the moment.

Now I’m a huge list maker.  I work much better and efficiently if I’ve left myself some “blueprints” to success.  Unfortunately, I just learned the hard way that picture taking events also need a checklist.  When you are busy in the moment, you may forget to take pictures of the things you want to remember about that moment.  

So... get in the habit of making a picture checklist before the big day.  Just imagine the things you would like to remember the most about the day.  Then, try hard to put them in the order that you think they would occur.  

This is not a new trick.  Professional photographers and awesome organized people, unlike myself, have already been doing this to get through their big days.

Tip- It wouldn’t hurt if you made a list even if you have a professional photographer, especially if you have a certain idea in mind.  They don’t mind.  And they are über talented so they may even build off your idea and make it even better.  A couple of years ago, we were having pictures made by Christi Santangelo, and I had this vision of a picture of us sitting on the pier with our backs facing the camera.  So I shared this with her, and she thought it was great idea.  And to this day, it is one of my most favorite pictures of my family of three.

Getting back on course, now. 

The first day of school is a busy day full of firsts.  So... MAKE A CHECKLIST!! You will thank me later when you look back in your photo album, scrapbook, or, in my case, blog and have those sweet little pictures to remind you of those sweet little moments.

I have put a list together for my Jude’s first day of prekindergarten!  Because I know the first day can be busy and a little hectic, I actually divided my list into two parts; the first part is a list of pictures to get at Open House, and the second part is a list for the first day.  Feel free to copy it if you like and tweak it to make it work for your little one’s first day.

Open House
the school
the classroom
cubby area or area with child’s name
child with teacher(s)
school supplies (watch how they change each year)
school gear: nap mat, backpack, lunchbag
schedule (if there is one)
books (if any)

First Day
uniform waiting to be put on
first lunch 
child in uniform
child with sign or printout to date the day 
child with both parents
carpool area or picture of child getting on bus
child being dropped off in carpool 
mommy crying (or daddy)
the pick up line
child at end of day

That's my list, so far.  I will probably use it from year to year for both my kiddos, making adjustments as needed.

What pictures will you make sure you have of your little one's first day?

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  1. Also do a picture on last day as well to see how much they've grown throughout the year


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